What a month it was at Field of Fitness……

We’ve had clients hitting their goals left right and centre!! Usually every Master Trainer nominates a client who has shone for them over the course of the month and we choose whoever has stood out the most. It could be anything from competing in an event they’ve been training for both in and out of the studio and smashing a PB, working really hard on their nutrition and losing body fat and gaining muscle mass as a result, injury rehab, etc. It’s not always about the obvious!

So last month we decided to have our usual Member of the Month and in addition we’ve decided to give some clients a very special Field of Fitness mention. So without further ad0 I bring you our very special mentions for September……

This is what Jon had to say about Nick…..

Nick has been training with me for over 8 years. His main goal was to loose weight which has proved to be very tricky as his medication for diabetes and high blood pressure were adding on weight.

Nick has always been dedicated to his training however his diet has often let him down due to being a huge london irish fan (thereefore plenty of time spend drowning his sorrows!)

Earlier this year he was given an ultimatum, loose wight or become insulin dependant (self injected) For him this was not an option. He did his research and came across the newcastle diet, a very extreme way of loosing weight; 500 kcalories per day for a guy who weighs over 100kg thus is very challenging.

He however stuck with it; being accountable to me very month helped with his progress and motivation to ensure he was loosing the right weight and not loosing lean mass. Obviously this is not suitable however long term and he has now gone back to a healthy eating plan along with exercise (after 3 / 4 months) His blood sugar levels have stabilised, he no longer has high blood pressure, he is on NO medication. In addition he has reduced his body fat % from 21.8 to 13.1 . He has never felt better, has recently been on holiday eaten and drunk what he wanted and has come back only 1 lb heavier and no loss of lean mass!

A huge lifestyle change, a great personal achievement and hopefully something he can sustain!



Fiona Mills

This is what Dan Hughes had to say about Fiona….

Since she has joined us she has fully committed to the training programme set for her including park run and 1 training run per week, alongside her 3 sessions a week here (now down to 1 a week).

She has lost a healthy amount of weight and increased her muscle mass, and works very hard in our sessions here. Her park run times have dramatically dropped from over 30 minutes for 5K down to just over 26 minutes.

Lastly she picked up a hip injury while running and with our guidance and commitment at home to rehab it she overcame her injury within weeks.



Keep up the good work and keep smashing those targets!!!