By Dan Hughes

Today I am setting the Field of Fitness goal standard for the deadlift. We are giving all our clients performance-based goals to work towards to help achieve their goals. SMART performance goals are an integral part of training to give the athlete direction and something to move towards so they are not training aimlessly.




So what is SMART……….?

Smart – The actual behaviour/ physical changes/ Goal you wish to achieve must be specific and not vague.

Measurable – Effective goals are measurable as this helps to increase motivation when you have a way to measure the progress you are making.

Action Orientated – The goal should be written in a way that provides information on how to get the goal.

Realistic – Goals should be challenging but attainable. They should be attainable if the athlete works hard to achieve them.

Timed – Goals should be timed. Quite simply, you need to know by when you want to achieve a goal.


Why are they useful?

  1. They can improve the quality of an athlete’s effort by directing them towards the goal.
  1. They encourage people to work SMART as well as hard.
  1. They increase effort and persistence by providing feedback in relation to the athlete’s own performance process.
  1. Can help maintain motivation and hold the athlete accountable.
  1. Can increase intensity of Effort.