dan-jonThe five BIG questions you need to ask before employing a Personal Trainer

Hi there. Dan and Jon here. Thanks for checking out how we can help you choose a great personal trainer.  The RIGHT one for YOU that is.

The fact that you’ve arrived here suggests that you’re starting to think about getting in better shape – and that you’ve recognised that getting a ‘coach’ could make all the difference.  

Well, you’re absolutely right. Whether you’re at the start of your wellbeing journey – or whether you are at the ‘performance’ end of the spectrum.

But, as the name suggests, using a personal trainer is very ‘personal’. It has to be absolutely right for YOU if the relationship is to work well and it pays to get your thinking right – right at the start.

So, simply complete our short form here and we’ll email you all the questions you need to ask to make sure you find the perfect personal trainer for you.

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