Personal Training

Get real results with our personal training approach

It’s all about sustainable results, whether you’re looking to get leaner, stronger, increase mobility or improve your core strength; we have the proven product for you. We educate you on how to achieve long term sustainable results and provide support not only in the studio but also outside by hosting various events, guest speakers and our summer and winter socials.

Guidance, motivation and support as part of a focused, personalised programme

Think of us as your fitness, health and wellbeing partners. We spend time getting you know you and then provide detailed and highly personalised fitness programmes that are aligned with your desired outcomes and goals. Then the training starts – we provide the guidance, the support and encouragement that keeps you motivated to show up regularly and consistently, making those incremental gains that bring long term benefit. It’s all about team work – your commitment, our guidance, encouragement and expertise, all within a highly supportive community of like-minded people.

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Assigned personal
trainers for consistent
care and support

It’s first name terms here, where our experienced trainers share your journey every step of the way. Your assigned personal trainers will be the ones to encourage your long-term health, fitness and wellbeing goals and we put the emphasis on the personal in ‘personal trainer’ with a familiar face to providing consistent support with your best interest at heart. 

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