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Our commitment to the pursuit of lifelong health

Our passion is to change lives. With over 25 years’ of industry experience and 1000’s of hands-on coaching hours, we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you every step of the way, knowing that we are the gym you can trust.

With our 360 approach to your health and wellbeing, we have everything covered to help you not only physically but mentally. We have the tools to support your training, nutrition, sleep and recovery – covering every pilar of optimum health.

The Field of Fitness
philosophy and approach
to health and fitness

Here at Field of Fitness, we pride ourselves in our level of detail when it comes to assessing and ensuring our customers safety when exercising.

It’s a lifestyle. It’s not all about pushing yourself every time you hit the gym, rather we’re here, alongside you, encouraging your long-term sustainable change by training smarter not harder, knowing your body, optimising your nutrition, getting good rest and recovery, reducing stress and willing you on to better yourself just 1% each day.

We have your back. Having accountability and support when starting any fitness journey is essential when looking for long term health change.

We will support you every step of the way by providing monthly meet ups with your coach, regular assessments to track progress and a warm, welcoming support community making your goals far more achievable and sustainable.

Our team

Field of Fitness Jon Director

Jon Field

Training Director

Jon founded Field of Fitness in 2006. He played rugby for Sussex for 6 years and represented the NEC Harlequins development team 2001-2002 season and has considerable knowledge and experience of what it takes to train at a high level and is super-focused on achieving maximum results.

Field of Fitness Dan Director

Dan Oliver

Training Director

Dan specialises in a broad spectrum of health and fitness applications absorbed from over 20 years in the fitness industry ranging from Golf Biomechanics, Strength and Conditioning and Sports Therapy. He played semi professional football for nine years and through his own actions understands the importance of a quality strength and conditioning programme.

Dan’s fitness beliefs are centred around being commitment to the process of lifelong health, no quick fixes, but understanding a realistic individualised approach to results all delivered via a professional inclusive service

Field of Fitness Estelle Manager

Estelle Parker

Reception Manager / Coach

Estelle joined Field of Fitness in 2016 and has progressed to Front of House Manager and Coach.  

Estelle helps us to maintain our exceptionally high customer service standards. She also coaches our Small Group Personal Training Sessions and Fitness Fusion classes, which she loves putting her creative spin on. 

Estelle strongly believes in our product, so if she’s not at reception or coaching, you’ll often find her on the gym floor taking part in a session herself. 

Paul Watson

Head of Operations

Having built a career in retail management, Paul moved into the fitness industry in 2016. A decision made from wanting to support others to engage in the benefits of exercise.

He discovered a love for sports around 8 years ago, and the mental benefits of healthier habits, hobbies and self-development. His passion for fitness comes from the drive to maintain an active lifestyle, and to keep competing for as long as possible.

Paul will be supporting with the running of Front of House and Operations at Field of Fitness, bringing his retail training for organisation and management to support the team and members. A people person at heart, please come and say hello!

Field of Fitness Lucas Coach


Fitness Facility Manager

Lucas has been working in the fitness industry since 2014. He holds certifications for Personal Training, CrossFit, Weightlifting & Nutrition. He has worked in a number of different strength and conditioning gyms, training people from all walks of life.

His belief is that a stronger and more functional body leads to a better quality of life. He uses his knowledge of strength training to help every person he trains achieve their goals. His approach is always detailed & personalised to the individual.


Josh has been in the fitness space for over a decade. From powerlifting, Olympic lifting, CrossFit & kettlebell training, he has studied and been a practitioner of these different training methodologies. Along with that, he has gained nutrition certifications to better serve people in their fitness and lifestyle goals. Having also worked in catering, Josh has a passion for food and is enthusiastic about delivering the best information to ensure sustainable nutritional habits.
A combination of strength & conditioning and nutrition, Josh believes these are the fundamentals to live a high-quality life both physically and mentally. He finds great fulfilment in sharing his knowledge with every person he coaches.



Graham has competed for South Africa as a Springbok, swimming at the Commonwealth, and All Africa Games. He is a keen mountain biker and his passion for sport has emphasised the importance of eating healthy, staying fit as well as focusing on stabilisation, strengthening and flexibility. He believes in life you should always give 100% of yourself set goals and never give up on your dreams.



I first got into training at 17 years old when I walked into a Kickboxing gym! From that point on I knew I wanted to be around health and fitness in some way. At 21 I passed my personal training qualification and began coaching full time. I’ve always been drawn to competition and testing my personal limits. After 5 years of competing in kickboxing I came away with 2 national titles and decided I wanted to turn my focus to strength and body composition. After achieving a bronze medal in my first mens physique show I hope to continue to progress in this field and compete again in 2023. My clients have always been a mix of people wanting to learn boxing/kickboxing technique on the pads and those wishing to build their strength and improve physique. I love having this diversity and nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing clients improve and progress towards their goals.

What our clients say:

Without a doubt the finest personal training practitioners I have worked with
Guildford member

90 Day Transformation programme

This IMPACT call is the perfect starting point of your health and fitness journey with us here at Field of Fitness. It’s where we can discuss any personal pinch points, your health history, exercise experience, goals and any lifestyle factors that may influence your continued success and overall LIFE IMPACT