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Golf Conditioning:

Golf has been revolutionized by the influx of incredible complete players, performing consistently and dynamically at the highest of levels.

One of the factors that has unequivocally helped these players reach their peak is their physical preparation, including components aligned with strength and conditioning, movement and mobility, nutrition and mental resilience.

At Field of Fitness we help to facilitate many of these Golf key pillars, maximimising the Golf athlete performance.

Our strategy empowers golfers to build strength, improve flexibility, make better nutrition choices and significantly improve performance, optimising effectively and realistically the ‘tools’ i.e. your body, has on offer.

Our golf blueprint follows 4 key pillars:


These key pillars can be sub divided into micro pillars whch take in to account the unique requirements of each golfer needs. We can also work collaboratively with golf coaches to truly understand the best solution for the golfer.

Golf Athlete conditioning Blueprint

No matter at what level of golf you are currently at we can help you Play Longer, Hit Longer or simply Live Longer playing the game that you love!

If you would like to discuss more about our Golf Athlete conditioning Blueprint call 01483 567920 for more information.

“without doubt the finest personal training practitioners I have ever worked with”
PGA Tour Coach

90 Day Transformation programme

This IMPACT call is the perfect starting point of your health and fitness journey with us here at Field of Fitness. It’s where we can discuss any personal pinch points, your health history, exercise experience, goals and any lifestyle factors that may influence your continued success and overall LIFE IMPACT