Some questions you may be asking …

How can semi-private work with everyone being at different levels?

It’s all about great programme design, great coaches and great studio layout. The programme that the semi-private sessions will use essentially has some fundamentals that everyone will be following. However, it’s up to the coach to review their clients for the session and to adapt the programme elements to exactly fit the individual.

For example, a deadlift can look like a 100kg bar (3 sets of 8 with 2 minute rests) for one person, and a 12 kg kettle bell (3 sets of 15 with a 30 second rest) for another. There is no reason why a 30 year-old male triathlete can’t work out super-effectively alongside a 60 year-old female looking for lifestyle benefits.
There’s always good banter and loads of support – the great benefit comes from the interaction and encouragement from others in the session.

Won’t the trainer be bobbing around from one end of the studio to another?

Which is why we are changing of the layout of the studio completely. You will be working from our new, custom-built training pods – there are going to be 3 in the new studio. All your activity and equipment will come from close to you so that the energy and support stays within the team.

Surely ‘semi private’ can’t be as good as ‘one to one’?

That’s simply not true. Be honest, how much of your time in a session can be taken up with unscheduled breaks and chatter? In terms of the best use of your time, semi-private wins hands down, and that’s certainly the case for energy too. We guarantee there will be no reduction in the quality of the results that you’ll achieve with ‘semi private’. One-to-one is simply that – one to one – it doesn’t make it better but it does make it less economic.

Will one-to-one personal training still be available?

Yes it will – we are offering One-to-One Lifestyle and One-to-One Unlimited at £599 and £999 a month. One-to-one slots will normally only be available in quieter times in the studio, so as not to block out the diary to the majority of clients at busy times.

What if I don’t want to work out in a semi-private environment?

Change can be difficult – so all we ask is that you give it a try with the ‘unlimited’ offer until January 31st. We are really confident that you will enjoy it – and should that not prove to be the case, we will have a conversation about the options for you. We really are committed to not losing clients as a result of this change.

Will I still be able to train with my preferred trainer?

Yes and no is probably the most honest answer! One of us is going into be in the studio all of the time to make sure ALL clients – whatever time of the day they train – get to connect with us direct. That means we’ll personally be running hands-on sessions every day and so one or other of us will definitely get to see you on a regular basis.

In this last year we have focused on developing our team and on making everyone a top-level coach, meaning you will get the same consistent approach and delivery whoever you get to see – plus of course you get to benefit from each of our trainers’ individual styles, experience and strengths.

We have already invested in the team who have been working on intensive training programmes to ensure that we can fulfil on that promise. Plus, of course, every client’s progress is overseen by one of the two of us; we simply won’t allow any slippage in our standards.

Our business has been built over the years on great relationships, so please be 100% assured that we will continue to be VERY involved with our clients, day in – day out.

What’s the difference between a ‘semi-private’ sessions and group sessions?

The semi-private sessions will normally be two to three people – at quieter times, it might be just you! The purpose of working together is to add focus and energy to the session, however, each of you will always be pursuing your own personalised programme with your trainer.

Group Conditioning  sessions are run at set times of the day – three times in the week and twice on Saturdays. You need to book your space in a group session and they will have a max of 5 people in each. The purpose of the session is to deliver High Intensity exercise to get your heart pumping, improve your cardio-vascular efficiency and your recovery rate.

This is a really important part of your overall training and helping you to achieve your goals; however, the group sessions won’t feature any of the essential strength and conditioning elements, which will be delivered through your semi-private sessions with your trainer.

I don’t have time to get to group sessions – why pay for something I won’t use?

If you really can’t access more than your current level of sessions, then please do talk to us. We are committed to supporting all our current clients and we really don’t want to lose you.

However, all the evidence suggests that having 2 or 3 exercise sessions a week gives maximum health benefit. If we look at our clients who’ve achieved the most change, they certainly fit that model. And the ones who are perpetually talking about what they want to achieve, but never quite getting there, are invariably only training with us just once a week. At the end of the day, one hour of exercise can’t compete with your lifestyle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So, if you are REALLY committed to your health and wellbeing, you really do need to exercise frequently and our new programme structure has been designed to make it massively more easy for you to do that.

I have a specific injury – how can ‘semi private’ possibly work for me?

You’re right – clients with very serious rehab issues would probably benefit from one-to-one support. We have thought very carefully about this and we both believe that none of our current clients fall into this category and that clients would benefit most from being challenged more in a semi-private environment.

Should you sustain a serious injury in the future that necessitates some one-to-one support for a while, then we’ll talk to you about that and will probably suggest you visit us at a quiet time when we can easily accommodate a more tailored approach.