Member of The Month - John

1. Name

John Hughes

2. How long have you been training with Field of Fitness?

I am currently in my fourth month

3. What do you love about training with Field of Fitness?

I enjoy the small scale “family” atmosphere and all round professional attitude and knowledge of the coaches.

4. What do you think has been your greatest achievement whilst you’ve been training with us?

Losing 10kg over 3 months! This coupled with greater fitness has enabled me to resume activities like skiing and hiking with greater confidence and less pain…

5. What’s your favourite exercise?

I would say ski erg, but its close … also rowing, press ups, lunges, boxing

6. What do you want to achieve at field of Fitness in the next 3 months?

Continued increase in fitness and weight loss. I am planning a second ski trip in March, hopefully I can effectively complete the 45km Black Mountains Challenge in May (a one day hike in the Welsh mountains), and (possibly) the FOF Morocco climb up Mount Toubkal in September.

7. How has training at Field of Fitness affected you personally?

It has impacted my life by providing a routine to maintain an exercise regime and greatly influenced diet. As mentioned above, the results have enabled me to confidently pursue activities such as hiking and skiing that were becoming increasingly problematic due to arthritic knees and the affects of aging. I am also digging out clothes which now fit me again!