Harmful toxins in our foods are increasingly being blamed for weight gain we have seen in the last twenty five years. These toxins can cause the body to store fat and can cause numerous diseases. Once you start eating organic foods (vegetables, fruits and meats), your system will rid itself of the toxins you have ingested and will help the overall health of your system and can help you to lose weight.

Our systems were not designed to process these chemicals and our liver is being overloaded which is damaging our health. A build-up of chemicals in our fat stores is occurring and even more fat is being formed to help combat this intake of excess toxins. 

These chemicals are also slowing down our metabolism which is contributing to why many people are unable to lose weight.

Changing your diet and eating organic foods can help you lose weight and detoxify your system. If you doubt that eating organic foods can help you lose weight and make your body healthier consider the fact that the chemicals put in many of our foods are fairly new and have only been consumed for a short period of time.

There is no sure way to tell all of the side effects they might have, our bodies were not designed to process these chemicals. Pesticides, hormones and preservatives cannot be processed by our liver and it causes extreme damage.

It also disrupts the function of our metabolism which is essential to our wellbeing. Also to people wishing to lose weight this will inhibit you and encourage the body to hold on to the fat to counteract the rise in toxins within the body.

When you eat organic foods your system can digest them quickly and efficiently. When your system doesn’t have to process the additional chemicals your metabolism will increase and you will be less tired and have more energy. You will feel more like exercising and getting out and doing more. Eating healthy organic foods can help you lose weight, feel better and have more energy. They are a little bit more expensive but they are worth it.

The benefits of organic foods are too numerous to ignore.