Field of Fitness March member of the month

1. Name

David Long

2. How long have you been training with Field of Fitness?

Since beginning of January 2018.

I had lost 5 stone training on my own since August 2016, now in March 2018 thanks to FoF 7 stone is gone, with a bit more to do get below 15 stone.

3. What do you love about training with Field of Fitness?

  • Holistic approach to cardio, strength and stretching
  • Variety, intensity, and camaraderie.The expertise, attention and
  • care of every trainer makes FoF a great experience.

4. What do you think has been your greatest achievement whilst you’ve been training with us?

Losing more weight, getting into smaller new clothes, doing OK in Daily Challenges and just keeping going when it hurts!

5. What’s your favourite exercise?

Barbell squats, – and the end of the assault bike!

6. What do you want to achieve at field of Fitness in the next 3 months?

Staying alive will be good! – Then lose a bit more weight and build on strength and cardio. Ultimately, to complete sprint triathlon in July.

7. How has training at Field of Fitness affected you personally?

Made me stronger, fitter, lighter and occasionally a fitness bore!