Adam Rodriguez

By Adam Rodriguez

Recent information on carbohydrate intake is generally a bit of a minefield with different professionals telling you different things. In this series, Adam talks you through what they do, how they effect your body and which ones to eat….


Carbohydrate: is it a simple or complex issue....The carb debate…….is it that complex or just simple?

No carbs before Marbs….the first thing you hear when someone has just booked a holiday and wants to knuckle down to try and achieve that “beach-ready” body in…….. 6 weeks!

It’s true that of the 3 macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein and fat) required by the body to function optimally, carbohydrates can be used as part of a short-term strategy for quick fat loss. However, to completely eliminate them from your diet for a prolonged period of time is a dangerous one if you want to maintain optimum health.

Contrary to the latest fad that carbohydrates are evil and are the root cause of the obesity and diabetes epidemic that society now faces, the body does require them for specific functions. To make an informed nutritional choice it’s crucial we understand exactly what we’re consuming (or not) to be considered a carbohydrate and what functions they serve in our body.

Technically speaking, carbohydrates are compounds composed of different sugars classified by their number of sugar units;

Monosaccharides are single unit sugars (glucose and fructose), Dissaccharides contain two units (sucrose and lactose) and Polysaccharides contain two or more sugar units (glycogen and starch).

Carbohydrates play an essential role in many functions of the body; for example they supply the brain with energy, supply muscles with energy (they are after all the body’s primary fuel source) and they facilitate the digestive process, amongst other things…..

However, not all carbs are equal and the same! Good v’s Bad

Eating the right kinds of carbohydrates has many benefits like making fat loss easier, improving sleep and minimising our stress response. They can improve our athletic performance and also minimise food cravings and our tendency to over eat.

However, over consumption of the poor quality carbs can make us gain body fat, make us feel more stressed, cause issue with apatite control and assist in developing insulin resistance elevated triglycerides and other health problems.

If all this seems like a nutritional minefield, we can help you make sense of it!

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