Choices and consistency – Jon’s four-week challenge

Week 2

Jon gets to grips with his own stats … and explains the how the body’s energy system can work more efficiently for you…

Week 1

Jon reports in after a solid week of training and a pretty good week nutrition wise …

Week 0

Jon get’s started …


After Dan’s wine challenge, I have decided to address the nutritional side of things. The reason behind this challenge is simply to show my clients that it’s NOT all about eating healthy ALL of the time or having to avoid the things you like to eat / drink in order to achieve results. I hate and disagree with every diet under the sun, as they don’t address long term health goals.

Anyone that knows me well I love a good steak and plenty of Haribo – not at the same time however!  I have just returned after a two-week honey moon in Thailand where, let’s be honest, I drank every cocktail on the list and ate possibly more than most Thai guys do over the course of a year! If you know me well I eat pretty much what I want and absolutely LOVE my food!!

My job is to get back on the wagon after not training for almost a month and show the result I can achieve by making choices on what I eat and the consistency of my training.

The simple principle is… DON’T OVER COMPLICATE THINGS, make the right choices and be consistent!!

This challenge goes in line with our new InBody scanner that has frightened the shit out of most of our customers when they have seen in black and white their actual body fat levels. Sometimes the truth hurts.

This week, we have asked all our clients to fill out a food diary for 7 days so that we can get an understanding of what’s going on outside of the studio. After all, we all eat more than we train,; on average, we eat approx 3 to 5 times per day but how often do you train? 3 to 5 times per week? It’s not hard to work out which is the most important.

I will be putting together a personal food diary and also an exercise plan that I will follow over the next 4 weeks. I am not looking for massive gains but a slow and steady drop in composition just to highlight that the most important way of achieving results is CONSISTENCY!

I am not an alien; I do not live of greens or spend my life preparing my food. I believe I am a relatively normal guy with a normal job and, like everyone, sometime life gets in the way of our plans. Once again, it comes down to choices and consistency.

I hope you find this informative and please feel free to comment where you feel necessary. I will do a video blog every Sunday to discuss my week and will update majority of my food and exercise if the day!

Hope you enjoy and find it informative.


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