Adam Rodriguez

By Adam Rodriguez

Recent information on carbohydrate intake is generally a bit of a minefield with different professionals telling you different things. In this series, Adam talks you through what they do, how they effect your body and which ones to eat….



This is our last blog on the “carb debate”! In the final instalment Adam pieces it all together for you…..

  • Carbohydrates are required in your diet to be mentally functional and have the energy to be active, especially for short term high intensity efforts in your workouts.
  • Be selective with the type of carbohydrate you consume. Go for natural complex carbs which are high in nutrition, keep insulin levels consistent which promotes the release of glucagon and augments the use of fat and sugar as energy sources.
  • Avoid over consumption of the simple carbs, the refined low nutritional ones which spike insulin resulting in greater fat storage, favouring carbohydrate as fuel thus not allowing the body to use this increased stored fat.

So what’s the message here? Nothing that you not already heard a million times before…….

Stop eating refined processed junk food and eat natural food high in nutrition!

Still confused by the mixed messages regarding nutrition…..we can help you make sense of it all and get it right for you and your lifestyle.

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