2 glasses of wine per night for 2 weeks challenge!

The challenge explained…

So today (Monday 9 January) …

While most people are going booze free for January I’m on day one of the 2 glasses of wine per night for 2 weeks challenge! After my first couple of glasses of vino I wasn’t expecting to feel anything, I’m not that much of a lightweight.  But surprisingly when the 5am alarm went off this morning the most notable feeling was dehydration, a mouth like the sahara desert!  Sleep is always going to be tricky to monitor as those of you that have kids will understand sleep is a bit of a luxury, i’ll keep a general check on this one and try and rate how the bags under my eyes are progressing.  So to summarise day 1 after the night before I’m a solid 2 out of 10 on the ‘wellbeing-ometer’  One final consistency point to mention is that I’m sticking to a standard Pinot blush (red wine is too healthy!) Check in tomorrow for progress report! TTFN!

Day 2 (Tuesday 10 January) …

dan-oliver-drink3No real slump at 4pm, all normal really but it’s very early days! Managed to get 2 glasses in at a reasonable time, but need to learn that there’s no need to polish them off quickly. I know I’ve chosen a bog standard wine but I’m not fussy at this stage. Bad night with kids last night so can’t base sleep patterns just yet, but if I start to feel worse I’ll know that’ll be the booze kicking in.

Do you think I’m making a fuss out of nothing, let me know – all a bit of fun!

See you all tomorrow.

Day 3 – (Wednesday 11 January)

Daniel OliverMust…..get…..2……glasses…out…phew! I’m getting a bit of grief for the average quality of the wine BTW and the fact it’s coming from box, but I don’t care about that! All going A-OK, probably a 3/10 still, dry mouth in the morning (for the record I’m purposefully not drinking water after or before bed) General focus early at work is normal but I expect that will deteriorate as the days go by. I’m getting some munchies after 1 glass, some oat cakes and cottage cheese just doesn’t cut it! But I’m resisting the crisps for now. I’m struggling at the moment to feel like it’s helping me unwind/relax, all a bit of an effort. Let’s see how the next few days go, I may ramp it up a notch! Let me know your thoughts.


Day 4 – (Thursday 12 January)

dan-oliver-drink-5Certainly starting to feel a bit more groggy in the morning, slightly harder to jump out of bed. Definitely eating more late at night, expect that’s blood sugar levels lifting with the wine then dropping and my need to try and stabilise them. Upgraded the wine glass tonight. Feeling more like 4/10 now. Until tomorrow folks – cheers!

Day 5 – (Friday 13 January)

dan-oliver-drink-6Had to stock up tonight, trawling through the isles of wine and trying not to look like an idiot taking a selfie (avoiding the larger volume boxes this time!) Going to stick with Rose/Blush for another bottle or 2 then may mix it up a bit. Still on about a 4/10 (10 = feeling awful) Sparking some great discussion in the gym, and a good amount of banter. Weekend ahead, might sneak an extra glass in.

Day 6 – (Saturday 14 January)

IMG_6462Had some helpers with the booze today, late afternoon early evening tipple! Certainly getting a bit of brain fog now in the evening. Don’t feel that crap but I’m not functioning on all levels. Video update tomorrow /Sunday!

Day 7 – (Sunday 16 January)

Day 8 – (Monday 16 January)

image2New hair cut and new wine, better quality and a bit more palatable. Struggling more now, 6/10 in the morning probably 4/10 in the afternoon. Very foggy/cloudy head, takes more concentration at work early on. Sparking great wine debate in the studio, upping to 200ml now. Still dehydrated and probably  a bit dryer skin as a result. Bring on the next 6 days!!

Day 9 – (Tuesday 17 January)

IMG_0003Glass of vino, on a rocking horse watching Silent Witness……why not! Had to break open some red as I ran out of white, so a very slight deviation away from the grand plan. 2 Large glass now this week so 250ml. Without sounding like a wet it’s a bit of a push to drink it before 10am. I seem to have the inability to drink slowly, I’m also struggling now to stay away from snacks whether it’s a slice of toast, some crisps or whatever. I can’t be the only one turning to food after a couple of mid week glasses of wine, if this is accurate then when aiming for fat loss it’s not just the wine that’s the problem. It could be the tip of the ice berg!! Let me know your thoughts, do you snack after a few drinks in the week, have you even registered this or mentally blocked the extra calories!? More updates tomorrow. 6/10 this morning, sleep Is awful but that’s 60% life stuff 40% feeling groggy. TTFN

Day 10 – (Wednesday 18 January)

FullSizeRenderMan down, I repeat….man down! But 2 large glasses done and I’m generally knackered. Still not getting the winding down, relaxing with a glass of wine vibe yet. Maybe I’m just warming up, perhaps less stressed in the evening, can’t be totally certain. However I can see how it starts to become a habitual – NEED WINE!! Thingy. Just not sure I’m in to it. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Loving the clients that are going booze free for Jan, great to hear how amazing they feel in only 3 weeks! 4 more days for me then it’s back to a good old cuppa! Until then…. bottoms up!

Day 11 – (Thursday 19 January)

IMG_0016This is what happens to a bottle of wine when you drink 2 large glasses……..there’s barely anything left! How may of you then drink the rest? So how am I feeling?? OK tbh, tired in the morning and the cloudiness is there but it’s levelled off at 5/6 out of 10, I don’t know if that’s good or a tad alarming on some levels. And I’m new to this!! It’s certainly making me think about the affect of prolonged wine drinking on many people I train and know – Not enough of an affects to note dramatic changes but enough to facilitate a mental detachment from the norm, but always manageable! Im on the finishing straight now, Monday is in sight. Off I trot for my fist large tipple of the evening. Salute!!

Day 12 – (Friday 20 January)

I’m now getting all to used to seeing this in my shopping bag and a row of empties gathering in the kitchen. No real budge on how I’m feeling at the mo, still 5/10. Feels like I’ve hit a bit of a plateaux and the awareness of being average state mentally has become the new normal – Out at a wedding reception tomorrow eve where I’ll cut lose a bit and have 1 or 5 more, will definitely be in trouble on Sunday morning. But I guess it’s not unusual for the habitual evening drinker to have a few more over the weekend…..must be constantly playing catch up on wellness! TTNF, down the hatch!

Day 13 – (Saturday 21 January)

IMG_0026Out Out with Rosanna to a wedding reception, so had an easy couple of glasses tonight plus a few more! Probably be nursing a sore head tomorrow. No more changes on how I feel but imagine next few days will be tougher after a boozy night tonight. Until tomorrow…..

Day 14 – (Sunday 22 January)

IMG_0030So I made it to the end of the 14 days. Forced a couple of these down tonight, serious hair of the dog, didn’t fancy it in the slightest. But challenge accomplished and 14 days of 2 glasses of wine per night complete. Video summary to come in next couple of days. Back to a good old cuppa tonight, it’s been an interesting experiment sparking lots of great debate in the FOF studio. Check in for final post tomorrow! Phewww!!

Day 15 – (Monday 23 January)

Mission accomplished. First take……that’ll do. Final summary in! Thats all folks!


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