Vanessa Lanham-Day’s 8 Week Body Transformation

Vanessa’s update – 8 weeks on …

Lots of you have been asking how Vanessa has got on since her successful 8 week challenge came to an end in May. Currently on a six-week break in France (with all the lifestyle challenges that entails!) she’s done a video blog to update her progress …

Week 8

As Vanessa’s 8-week journey comes to an end, the big question is ‘did she hit her 4kg weight loss target’ … watch her video to find out how she did, her thoughts on lessons learned and plans for the future.

Week 7

Vanessa’s on a roll having had her birthday party weekend – and she’s still lost weight. Just one week to go and her final target still in sight …

Week 6

Vanessa told us she didn’t have much to report this week – well, obviously she had a change of heart because we think this is her best yet. Lessons for everyone here.

Week 5

After a ‘flat week’ last week, Vanessa gains momentum and starts to see it all coming together.

Week 4

Vanessa hits the 4 week blues as real life starts to get in the way…

Weeks 2 & 3

Vanessa gets half way to her goal and reflects on plans for the year ahead.

Week 1

Vanessa’s 8 week body transformation is a week in and she’s lost 1.3kg!

Week 0

Recorded just 2 days before she starts her ‘transformation’ Vanessa outlines her goals … and her fears!  

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